WordPress Maintenance

The benefits of  WordPress maintenance:

Always a good working website

We perform all WordPress updates & resolve any malfunctions/conflicts in a WordPress theme/plug-in.

Always a safe website

We ensure your website is and remains safe. In addition, we actively monitor your website. If there are any problems, we will solve them.

Security, backups & continuous support

We make backups and restore them when necessary. No loss of your time, data or annoyance if something goes wrong. Instead, we solve it.

More than just maintenance:

Speed ​​Optimization

We ensure that your website is fast and will remain so.

Implementing website changes

Minor maintenance (sending simple changes via e-mail is included). 

Support with problems & practical matters

Such as expanding functions & possibilities and developing your website. 

SEO update: maximum findability in Google

You will receive step by step instructions on how you can get more results from your website and improve your positions. 

Monitoring your website

Specialized software monitors login attempts, admin usage, plug-ins and server activities. 

24/7 uptime-monitoring

Your website should always be accessible, but how sure are you of that? A website is tested every 5 minutes so we can intervene immediately if necessary.

Regular consultation

How can you improve your website and get more sales/results? We regularly schedule some time to discuss areas for improvement.

What are the costs of WordPress maintenance?

WordPress maintenance need not be expensive.

WordPress maintenance

Basic package SME & ZZP
€ 15,-/per month
  • Always be sure of a properly working website
  • Updates to WordPress plug-in and themes
  • Certainty: we make backups and restore them when necessary
  • Website security: we ensure your website is and remains safe
  • Periodic malware scan
  • Monitoring your website
  • Database Optimization
  • Ongoing WordPress support
  • Uptime monitoring; immediately informed in the event of a malfunction
  • Implementing website adjustments / Small jobs
  • SEO update: maximum visibility in Google
  • Complex plug-ins/themes

What are the costs for WordPress maintenance & support?

WordPress maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive. We work with a clear, predetermined monthly price for all necessary work (regardless of the final work/time required). So there are never any surprises afterwards in terms of additional work or additional costs).

Complex plug-ins & themes:

Does your website use complex plug-ins (such as Woocommerce and multilingualism) and/or complex themes? Then we would like to hear from you to determine whether maintenance is possible within one of the above packages or whether we must put together a custom package for your website.

How do your website updates happen?

Your website updates are monitored. This means we always make backups, so none of your information is lost. This way, we prevent plug-ins from no longer working after an update or from errors sneaking into the code/website.

We secure your website according to your needs.

The security of your website is our top priority. We periodically screen both sites we build ourselves and existing websites for security vulnerabilities. Such leaks are the first to be addressed. Often several simple measures are sufficient. This is different for every site, so we use an individualized approach.

What can you expect from our WordPress support?

Of course, you can contact us with all your questions about your website. These questions can be diverse. There are no stupid questions for your website, either. You can contact us 24/7 via e-mail, WhatsApp and telephone and a personal appointment or via Skype are also possible. You will almost always receive an immediate answer; if this is impossible, we will look it up for you.

Why should you have your WordPress site maintained?

This prevents:

  • Data loss: have you ever thought about backing up the site?
  • A slow website, meaning visitors quickly click away from the website.
  • Downtime – your website is inaccessible, causing you to miss sales or possibly new customers.
  • Malfunction – your website partially no longer works. For example, non-functioning contact forms or parts of your website are no longer visible, so you miss sales or possibly new customers.
  • Hacks and reputational damage. 
  • A bad position in the search engines and conversion scores due to one of the previous points.
  • High & extra unforeseen costs.


WordPress is open source software with a content management system. This term is usually abbreviated to CMS. WordPress software should not be confused with a free WordPress blog. The open source principle allows anyone to add parts such as plug-ins, templates, etc. to it. WordPress software is constantly evolving that way. This sounds positive, but it also has drawbacks. Some of these plug-ins and templates cannot always be used together or are not adapted to the latest version of the WordPress software. A second problem is hackers also have easy access to the platform because the open source principle allows everyone inside. In this way, the hackers can continue to evolve in finding loopholes and potential security risks.

When can you use WordPress maintenance?

We manage websites for which we take care of the hosting & development of the website ourselves and websites developed and hosted by third parties.

Has your WordPress website been out of maintenance for a long time?

Unfortunately, this scenario happens too often. WordPress websites are regularly delivered by agencies or freelancers, where maintenance is forgotten. If your website has had no updates for a long time, there can be many more errors installing all the overdue updates. We recommend running this in a test environment and checking everything thoroughly. This extra work is carried out at no extra cost.

Do you want to have a new website made or have your existing website transferred/redesigned? Then take a look at the all-in package to have your website made. This package includes all necessary maintenance, minor adjustments & hosting as standard, all for one clear fixed price.

Why Remedia?

  • Always a well-functioning, safe & fast website.
  • One contact person for your (WordPress) website
  • More than just technical maintenance
  • Minor adjustments included
  • 24/7 personal contact and support
  • Over 20 years of experience in web design (11 years in WordPress)
  • Over 40 WordPress websites under management
  • Clear price agreements without adding additional costs (even if there was unexpectedly more work)

“The contact to have my website made went very well and quickly. They thought along with me, and I could now have many more options for much less money. I am very happy with my switch!”

Hanneke de Graaf

Garden design agency Passion for Flora

“I am very satisfied with the service. Even after the delivery of my website, the helpdesk is easily accessible, and my questions are solved quickly and professionally.“

Nicole de Weerd